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Amigo Guitars for Kids

Amigo makes an inexpensive guitar for kids, They are great starter guitars!

Amigo Childrens Guitars for Kids

Amigo is a  hallmark brand of Kaman Music, it has it's roots in the Kaman  Company, an  extremely diversified  company  founded in South Carolina which  consists of  lighting, defense, and aerospace  entities in addition to musical instruments. Kaman was  begun by an engineering  genius, Charles Kaman, who in addition to being an aviation and helicopter designer, was  likewise a muscian.

The musical  section of the  business, was operated under several  brands including KMC  Songs, Kaman Music  Company and a  couple of others. Charles Kaman  once  attempted to  buy Martin Guitars  however he was unsuccessful, this  shows that the company was a  very serious force in the musical instrument industry.

Kaman Music Corporation was  sold to the Fender Musical Instruments  Company in 2007 for about $120 million. Amigo is now part of Fender through the Kaman Music Corporation.

Amigo makes great starter and small sized acoustic guitars for children.  All of their models are about one hundred dollars and this is a great price for a decent first guitar for a child. Amigo offers 1/2 and 3/4 sized acoustic guitars in addition to full sized models.

These are not the best guitars available, but they make great beginning guitars for children.  They aren't the best but they are a decent guitar. Children change their interests fast so it is a great idea to start them off with an inexpensive musical instrument. so that if they don't take to it, you don't have an expensive guitar lying in closet not being played. If your child does maintain their interest you can upgrade her or him easily. 

So take a look at Amigo guitars for kids, they won't break your budget, they are of decent quality and they are a great starter guitar for your child.

Amigo Guitar for Kids