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Best Ways for Kids to Learn the Guitar

Best Ways for Kids to Learn the Guitar


If your child is showing an interest in learning the guitar, then great! It’s the perfect way to channel their energy, exercise their mind, and learn an impressive skill with something to show for it. Your child may have a natural talent, and while for some kids it may be a passing fad, for others it may be the start of a lifelong passion.

However keen your child is though, you’ll want to ensure they go about learning the guitar the right way. There’s nothing worse than their initial enthusiasm dying down all because they didn’t have the correct guidance, and if they’re not enjoying the process or making progress forward, it won’t take much for that to happen. So with that being the case, here we’re going to outline some of the best way for a child to learn guitar. It may be different for budding adult guitarists, although arguably not, but the following advice is definitely the best route for a kid to take.

Here are the best ways for a kid to learn guitar:

With A Qualified Tutor: If you’re prepared to spend money on lessons, this is obviously the most ideal way for a child to learn. Once they get a bit more experienced they’ll be able to practice and progress more on their own, but when starting out it’s obviously important that they learn the basics and do so the right way. An important point to consider if you do take this approach, however, is that the tutor is experienced and good with kids. You can have the best guitar instructor in the world, but if they can’t communicate with kids, instead just adults, then it’s not going to work is it? Both the tutor and the pupil will only get frustrated. Look for a guitar instructor that specializes in teaching children, as they’ll have a much better suited approach.

With Book and CD Guides: Books and audio guides are your child’s next best bet, either as a cheaper alternative to practical lessons, or ideally, in conjunction with them. Depending on the age of your child and how well they pick things up, they may well find this sort of instruction enough as the guides can be very easy to follow. With the help of audio CD’s or even video lessons on DVD, a lot of kids can make great progress this way.

With Songs They Recognize: The final approach to take, and it really follows on from the above two options, is that you ensure your child is learning songs that they actually want to learn. While simple, generic tunes will likely be used by an instructor and in book and CD guides at first, once your child is capable of learning a song that they actually want to learn, let them. You can find music sheets either in books or even for free online, of the latest bands and the latest songs. If you’re child can learn how to play a song that they actually like themselves, do you think they’ll be a bit more motivated? Of course they will!

Overall, while these options may seems obvious, when it comes to getting your child off on the right foot with their guitar, hopefully this article has given you something to think about. You never know, their musical talent could turn into something quite special and you’ll be glad you nurtured it the right way from the start!