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Daisy Rock Childrens Guitars for Kids

As you’re no doubt aware, there are a whole host of kids guitars available. You only need to look on this site to see how much choice there is! However, if you’re looking for a guitar specifically for a girl- perhaps your daughter – then the Daisy Rock Guitar for Kids may be your best bet. While most of the guitars for kids by other manufacturers aren’t really gender specific, Daisy Rock is officially known as the “girl guitar” company. No boys allowed here! So if the intended recipient of your guitar is very much a girly-girl, they’ll likely be over the moon with one of the very feminine looking models of both acoustic and electric guitars.

As a company, the Daisy Rock guitar for kids company actually has quite an interesting background to it. Founded in 2000 by Tish Ciravolo, inspiration for the guitars is said to have come from Tish’s oldest daughter, Nicole. At the age of just one and a half, whilst coloring together, Nicole drew a picture of a daisy. Inspired by the picture, Tish drew a guitar neck and headstock onto to it to see how it would look, and after developing the design further, she took it to her husband, Michael Ciravolo. Being the president of guitar manufacturer Schecter Guitar Research, Michael was able to develop the design into a fully functional guitar: the “Daisy” guitar.

In November of 2000, the “Daisy” guitar made an appearance at the Seattle RockGrl Conference where rock icon Courtney Love loved it so much that she signed it with her autograph. From there the Daisy Rock brand was launched as a subsidiary of Schecter Guitars and, as they say, the rest is history! Daisy Rock has since become its own business entity and become partners with Alfred Music Publishing, where it continues to grow.

It all has a very innocent and cute feel behind it, and that’s very much the same feeling you get with each of the Daisy Rock kids guitars today. As for the designs, as hinted at above, they’re very much targeted at the girly-girls out there with their bright pinks and purples. The build quality of the guitars is pretty good and they’re priced very reasonably too. They really are good little introductory guitars and you can see why the company has done so well.

Overall, if you are buying a guitar for a girl then Daisy Rock should definitely be a good contender. You can certainly find child guitars by other brands with very feminine designs, but Daisy Rock is very much purely for that demographic, and it shows. And while the little girl you’re buying the guitar for probably won’t appreciate the history behind the brand at this point in time, it would make a nice story to tell them once they get a bit older! In general, it’s just fair to say that any woman looking back would be happy to know that their first guitar was a Daisy Rock. And rightly so.

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