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Dean Childrens Guitars for Kids

Get a great child guitar at a great price. Dean makes a quality guitar that produces a fantastic sound.

Dean Childrens Guitars for Kids

Dean is actually one of the most respected guitar for kids manufacturers around, so it almost feels like a real treat that they’ve taken the time to produce guitars for all the budding little’uns out there! And there’s quite a range too. If you’re considering the purchase of a child guitar by Dean, then this is for you. Here we’re simply going to take a closer look at the Dean Guitar for Kids, giving you a background on the history of the company and generally evaluating the quality of their children’s range. So let’s get to it, shall we?

For a brief background on the brand, it was founded in 1976 in Chicago, Illinois by Dean Zelinsky and is now owned by Armadillo Enterprises. Elliott Rubinson owns the company and in 2009, Dean Zelinsky actually decided to leave the company due to creative differences, leaving Rubinson solely in charge. Quite amusingly, after Zelinksy’s departure, Elliott Rubinson decided to change his name permanently to Elliot Dean instead. How’s that for commitment?

As a guitar manufacturer, Dean has been very popular with players of the metal genre, probably due to them producing some fantastic electric guitars such as the Cadillac, Splittail, Hardtail and Vendetta. However, they’ve also produced their fair share of excellent acoustic models too.

When it comes to Dean’s range of guitars for kids, they’re generally of great quality also. Obviously they’re not produced to the standard of some of the classics built for the big names in heavy metal, but they do offer fantastic value for money. You can get both child electric guitars as well as acoustic guitars and they all have a great shape and overall look to them. Any child will really look – and feel – the part with a Dean guitar within their arms, that’s for sure. More so compared to some other brands of child guitars.

As for sound quality, again, Dean child guitars are up to standard. Obviously you need to bear in mind that you do generally get what you pay for and a particularly cheap model likely won’t be as good as one that costs a bit more, but that will simply come down to your budget and how much you’re willing to invest in your child’s hobby – are they super keen or is it purely just a toy to play with?

Overall, if you think Dean might be your brand of choice for your kid’s guitar or you’re generally trying to make your mind up, then know that you’re definitely onto a winner. You’ll find various models by Dean on this website along with reviews so that should help you narrow down your choice further, but of course you may find another brand to be more suitable. Dean certainly has an interesting background and it’s nice to know that the brand you’re using – or your child’s using – is the same one that’s trusted by some of the top guitarists out there!

Baby holding a dean childrens guitar for kids