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Electric Childrens Guitars for Kids

Electric Childrens Guitars for Kids

An electric guitar is very often the favorite choice among beginners in guitar playing. They are probably impressed by all the rock music they hear and want to become like their favorite stars. Electric guitars need an amplifier in order to be heard loudly. One advantage of electric guitars is that they have become affordable. And they come in modern varieties looking just like the ones used by professionals. Another advantage is that they require lesser hand strength while playing because the strings are lighter than acoustic guitars.

When it comes to electric guitars, the tonewood selection is very important. Tonewood means the tonal characteristics of the wood that is used to make the electric guitars. Experts say that the wood used on the top of the electric guitars determine the quality of sound produced from it. Different brands of electric guitars produce different kinds of tonewood results. When you have an expert guitar manufacturer and top quality wood, you get a guitar that will win the rave of your friends. Here are the top wood materials used for making guitars – mahogany, Brazilian rosewood, Indian rosewood, koa, maple, alder, ebony, basswood, poplar, red spruce and sitka spruce.

There are several beginner and kid-friendly guitars in the market. Of course, there are several guitars that function as toys, but if you are looking for the real thing then you will definitely find one that fits your budget. You don’t have to shell out more than $200-250 to get your child a top quality guitar. True, some people will say you don’t have to buy very expensive guitars for a beginner, but it is always a good idea to go for a top quality one because you will never get good quality tone from a cheap guitar. In addition, it will keep going out of tune all the time. Electric guitars are basically the same thing that adults use, only they are much shorter. They range from 22.0 inches to 24.0 inches. An adult size guitar starts from 25.0 inches.

When you buy the guitar for your child, just make sure you get a few new sets of strings too. Since your child is just learning this new art, he might break them more frequently. You can always replace the strings yourself, but you can take it down to the store and get it fixed the first few times. Here are some of the brands that promote quality strings - Elixir, Ernie Ball, D'addario, Dean Markley, GHS, Dunlop and DR. If you want, you can buy strings with heavy gauge for your child because being in the beginning stages he will be a bit wild about playing the guitar. Heavy gauge strings don’t break that often and will help your child master hand and finger control.

Whether you are a non-playing parent or not, you would definitely want the best for your child when he expresses his desire to play a guitar. It will definitely be a good art for your child because it will increase his concentration levels, his cognitive abilities and social skills.

electric childrens guitars for kids