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My Mosrite and Fender Guitars

My Mosrite and Fender Electric Guitars

The electric guitar is my favorite. The action can be tuned so that the strings lay a touch above the frets, the tone can be set by the amplifier, and best of all, so much music has featured it. Nothing sounds better to me then two or more electric guitars slamming rhythms together with the bass guitar keeping time! And for leads the sound doesn't get any better.

Right now I own four guitars, two Fenders, a Mosrite, and a Les Paul copy. One Fender is an old Duo Sonic II which to the uninformed was the precurser to the Mustang.  They look so much alike. I never took a Mustang apart, but the Duo Sonic had some amazing features. Fender shielded the pickups in metal surrounding the cutouts in the body, the neck I have is small, both in width and scale size. In fact, it was originally marketed as a student guitar. Mine dates to 1966. My other Fender is a Made in Mexico Stratocaster which a friend who owned a Music Store gave me. It had no pickups, and looking at the pick guard, it was originally fitted to a single humbucker. When I removed the pickguard I was happy to see that the body was cut with all the standard Strat electronics. So I bought a loaded pick guard with Tex-Mex pickups and it was restored. I love it, something about single coils just gives me chills! I bought the Mosrite because back in the day, when I was first married, my neighbor and I used to play and he had a Mosrite. It was a hollow body and had a great sound. I got mine, a Ventures II solid body in blue when before I retired. It is a 1966 and it mostly sits in the case. The group the Ventures played Mosrites, and for those who don't know their music, they did all guitar instrumentals. They did the theme song for the original Hawaii 50, I haven't seen the remake so I am not sure if they use the same song. My last guitar is a cheap Les Paul copy. I think I paid about a hundred dollars and change for it. I saw a review on Youtube that was good so I bought it. After I set the string height and intonation I was more than happy with my purchase!

Here are a few pictures. I love them all!

My 1966 Mosrite Ventures II serial B547



My 1966 Fender Duo Sonic II





My Made in Mexico Fender Strat 2002




And Last a New Cheap Oskar Schmidt Les Paul look alike once adjusted it plays nice!