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First Act Kids Guitar

The First Act Guitar are a really popular beginners and Kids Guitar. Sold Everywhere!

First Act Guitar

The First Act Guitar is a relatively well known manufacturer of guitars as well as other musical instruments including drum sets, saxophones, clarinets, trumpets as well as amplifiers. And perhaps more importantly, they’re actually quite well known for producing children’s musical educational products.

Founded in 1995 and based in Boston, Massachusetts, they’ve produced the limited edition First Act guitar known as ‘Lola’, ‘Sheena’, and ‘Delia’, of which have been played by famous artists such as Franz Ferdinand’s Nick McCarthy and Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford, among others. For those of you that are interested, they’ve even produced a special Paul Westerberg signature guitar!

A significant piece of the First Act Guitar history that you may be interested in, is from 2006 where they teamed up with car manufacturer Volkswagen. The car company produced a special series car and gave away special edition First Act guitars with each model. The stereos in these particular cars could be used as amplifiers for the First Act guitars, so the ad that went along with the release of the car featured the likes of Slash, Nigel Tufnel and Spinal Tap all strumming out tunes through the VW’s stereo. Pretty cool huh?

Another key moment for the First Act brand was when they partnered with Adam Levine, the main vocalist and guitarist for Maroon 5, this time in 2008. They produced the “222” line of musical products, comprising of 22 different items with the main one being an electric guitar designed by Adam. It was engraved with his lucky number, and the name for the series: 222.

As mentioned previously, First Act caters quite well to the younger audience, and thus have a great range of guitars for kids. With both electric and acoustic models available, you’ll likely be very pleasantly surprised at the prices too! They arguably have the cheapest range of guitars so are great for those on a limited budget, but of course it does depend on which model you go for.

There are a wide variety of designs, all of which look great, with some aimed at very young children and others aimed at kids a bit older. The build quality of the guitars are good, again depending on which particular model you go for. If you pay a bit more then you’ll come away with a higher quality model, but never the less, on the whole all the children’s guitars are produced to a good standard.

All in all, First Act certainly has some interesting history behind the name, despite it being one of the younger brands of guitar. They are well known for producing good entry level equipment – both guitars and other instruments – so that may convince you that it’s the right brand for your needs. Overall, they produce some good guitars at some great prices so if you can find a First Act kids guitar that seems right for your child, then you’re probably onto a winner! Take a look at our reviews and see what you think.

A boy playing a first act childrens guitars for kids