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Hohner Childrens Guitars for Kids

Hohner Guitar for Kids is a German company, located in Trossingen, Germany and it is a company with a long rich history and is well known for it's production of musical instruments. It was started in 1857 by Matthias Hohner, who was trained as a watchmaker but whose family were actually weavers,Matthias Hohner became interested in the Harmonica. He began with the Harmonica because in the mid 19th century the Harmonica was a very popular instrument in Germany and there were literally hundreds of companies making them. Because of the competition in his native country, Matthias Hohner sent a number of his first Harmonica's to a relative in the United States. This allowed him to attack a virgin market and his Harmonica's became very popular in America resulting in Hohner becoming the world's largest Harmonica manufacturing company.

Today Hohner is the most popular Harmonica producer and it is due to the quality durability and tone of their instruments. In the early days of the company, investors would visit and try to get Matthias to design and manufacture cheaper products by reducing quality but Matthias would refuse to lower his standards.

Hohner began producing guitars for kids in the mid 1950's. The guitar was gaining popularity and this popularity was reducing Hohner profits so Hohner had to begin to make guitars. They applied the same techniques to guitar design and production that they had been practicing for over a hundred years, building scores of other types of instruments.

Hohner Guitars are unique in that they use special methods to maintain the intonation of the instrument across the entire fretboard. There Guitars for Kids are built with the great quality upon which the company was founded. There Essential Series of Acoustic Guitars is a fantastic product line. Unlike most other manufacturers, these guitars are set up for the best action and tone before being shipped. What else would you expect from a company whose motto is "Sound...Quality...Passion...".

Today, Matthias Hohners' profile can be found on millions of musical instruments, not bad for a man who cut no corners and dedicated his whole life to producing a quality product, even when it came at the expense of profits.

father watching his son play a Hohner childrens guitars for kids