How to Choose The Best Guitar For Your Kids?

We know it is a bit difficult to choose the first beginner guitar for your kid. But here are some tips to choose your first guitar for your child. The size and style of the guitar must be very attractive. To encourage your kid, comfort and playability should be the most considerable factor. The strings used in the guitar should not be heavy gauge strings which will definitely discourage your kid from learning. Pick a perfect size guitar for your kid, because if it is uncomfortable while playing then your child will have less motivation to pick it up to play.

Types of Guitars for your kids:

Frankly, there are so many types of guitars and there is a possibility that you have never heard of or seen. But we need to consider some points while buying a kid’s guitar which is actually relevant for our kids or not and also exists in the different sizes.

Basically, there are three types of guitars that might be a good choice for kids: Classical Guitars, Electrical Guitars and Acoustic Guitars.

Classical Guitarsclassical guitar

Without any doubt, the Classical Guitar is the most sold guitar for kids and is one of the best choices for your kids and beginners too. If you have a glance over guitar lessons for your kids you probably see all of them using a classical guitar. Classical guitars are equipped with nylon strings which are soft compared to steel strings, and easier to play for beginners.

Acoustic guitars


accoustic guitarThe acoustic guitars are quite similar to classical. The acoustic guitars are made with steel strings whereas classical are made of nylon strings, and this is the big difference we distinguish these guitars. The acoustic guitars are handcrafted and the most versatile. As the strings have got much more tension not really recommended for kids to start on this kind of guitar, and harder to play.  So it’s better to start with a classical one and later to continue with an acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitars are just fuller and brighter sound and almost every musician in pop and rock is played this type of guitar.

Electric guitarselectric guitar

And the third type you can prefer for your kid is electric guitars. They also use steel strings but the tension of the string used is less than that of acoustic guitars. It is very much easier to find smaller and smaller electric guitars now but not the case in the earlier, that we can’t find the smaller guitars in the electric guitar section. Due to steel strings used not much preferable for kids and it is also required with an amp. Hence it adds some difficulty.

Size of the guitar you should keep in mind while buying a guitar

To play the guitar comfortably it is very much important to concentrate on the size of the guitar while buying. It is an essential thing to decide the size of the guitar before buying it. A right-sized guitar should allow your child to wrap his left hand and around the neck and the right arm and shoulder should fit around the body comfortably. Many guitar makers only make 1/2 and 3/4. In order to choose the right size guitar for your kid consider the age and height. From age 4 to 12 years there are five types of guitar sizes are available. They are 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 4/4. Depends on the height of your child you need to select the perfect size for your kid, and the considerable height is 3’9″ to 5’3″.

Find the best quality guitar for your kid

Finding the budget-friendly and the best quality guitar is probably the hardest thing while buying. The quality of the guitar is so essential to your child to learn guitar play effectively. If you choose a cheap and bad quality guitar it will end the whole fun before it’s started. And it starts making trouble to play the guitar properly. Learning a low-quality guitar will definitely spoil the hobby and craze of playing and tuning the guitar.

Common mistakes you should not do while buying a guitar

Choosing the wrong size: 

This is the big mistake that each and everyone will do while buying a guitar. So please keep in mind that your guitar size should be as comfortable as possible. Each and every child is different, so depends on your child’s need you should buy a guitar.

High strings that are hard to play:

For an easy play of guitar, the string is one of the essential things. The easiest way to understand action is that it’s just the measurement of the gap from the bottom of the string, to the top of the fret and it’s measured at the 12th fret (the half-pint of the string).

Buying a guitar without support material:

Keep in mind that if you are buying a guitar then also you are buying a guitar support material too. Choosing a guitar is a bit of a confusing purchase and most guitars don’t come with a manual explaining to use them.

Best age to start learning the guitar

To start learning the guitar completely depends on your child’s development. Some of the children explore things by fun instead of sitting down and learning seriously. Generally, kids can start from the age of around 4 years, and you can see few examples of even much younger kids learning to play the guitar. Some of the things to keep in mind whether your child has the interest to start learning is the patience of child, concentration towards listening, and how good his understanding and ability to absorb. One thing to keep in mind that you should not force your child but your kid should himself start and show an interest in learning and exploring it.

Choose your guitar by genre

Some of the guitars are simply served certain musical styles. Acoustic guitar music is associated with Acoustic, Country, Alternative, Fingerstyle, Indie, Folk, Pop, Western, Rock. Electric guitar music associated with Alternative rock, Country, Funk, Disco, Blues, Pop, Metal, Rock, R&B, Swing, Soul. Classical guitar music associated with Classical, Baroque, Flamenco, Fingerstyle, Samba, Gypsy Jazz, Romantic, Medieval.

Choose your guitar by performing venue

Depends on the venue you can opt for the particular guitar. Electric and Acoustic guitars are best to play at home. For large and small venues Acoustic-electric guitars and electric guitars are the options. You can go through the hardwood acoustic guitars for outdoors.

Choose your guitar by body type and material

Concert guitars are the most popular form of the acoustic guitar, and you can have control over the sound. These guitars are concert shaped and volume is taken care of by an amplifier. These are semi-acoustic or acoustic-electric guitars.

Dreadnought body type guitars slightly less boxy version of the jumbo. Chords are punchy and well-articulated. Offers restrain when you need to sing.

Electric guitars with electric amplification, the shape doesn’t matter as much on a solid body electric guitar. Depends on the wood it makes the difference such as lighter the woods lighter the sound than heavier maple.

Choose your guitar by physical compatibility

For children size of the guitar matters when it comes to playability. 1/2 or 3/4 guitars are best suited for young players.

For left-handers, there are special guitars and have left-handed user-specific knobs and controls.

Accessories to consider before buying a guitar


When you buy a guitar it is very much necessary to buy few picks. The picks should be very thin. These thin picks will help you to learn and to stream well.  It is also better to buy a couple of Medium thickness too. These are better for playing notes individually.  For beginners, it is better to choose Jim Dunlop Nylon picks. They are 0.46 mm thin and good for beginners.


It is an essential thing to tune your guitar, and you should learn to tune it without using a tuner. But when you are a beginner it is very much important to tune it accurately with the nice guitar sound.

Spare Strings

Compulsorily you should have the spare strings. For better safe at least keep two spare sets at home. The thicker the strings the more they hurt to your fingers, but they generate a nice sound. Strings are a bit expensive but they don’t rust and better for those who don’t often change their strings.


It is a very good idea to have a strap, to keep the guitar stable. It trains you up skills on the world. Get a strap on what kind of you like, not thinking much about the type.  Go through the padded strap if you have a heavy guitar no to hurt your shoulder.


A capo is such a cool device that you can place on your guitar neck. Capo changes the pitch of the guitar open strings. To change the key of the song capo is a necessary device, and enables you to play along with songs. They are also useful to change the key of a song when you are singing and quickly help you to find the right key to your singing note.


Metronome is very much important and essential accessory to consider. An electric metronome is the best one instead of old old tick-tock ones.


Electric guitars should be used with an amplifier in order to make the proper and enough sound to be heard by the performer as well as the audience. Electric guitars use magnetic picks, which generate an electric signal when a musician plays an instrument. The amplifiers strengthen the signal using the power amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Final Thoughts

Teaching your children music from a young age can be very beneficial for them because music is art,  and it helps them grow up to be more creative than other children. After grown-up, all kids will remember that how their first guitar was and their experience with it. By considering the above points and things mentioned you can choose the best, budget-friendly, and quality guitar. Select the guitar when you become to know that it is fully adjusted and easy to learn and play. On the basis of your child’s interest, you should buy a guitar.




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