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Jay Turser Childrens Guitars for Kids


The guitar brand of Jay Turser Guitar for Kids was founded in 1988, with its popularity growing exponentially throughout the 90s. Unlike a lot of the other famous guitar brands, Jay Turser’s sole purpose was to create guitars that not only sounded great, but were extremely affordable for the general public. More affordable than their competitors. And that’s what they achieved. Their guitars became widely used among the average player on a budget and were great as starter guitars for youngsters, all whilst still providing a perfectly acceptable level of sound quality.

In more recent years, in 2006, Jay Turser was acquired by American Music and Sound and they continue to promote the brand with very much the same values that the company set out with. Along with both electric and acoustic guitars, Jay Turser also manufactures bass and jazz guitars, as well as amplifiers.

A key difference over other guitar manufacturers, and the reason they are able to keep their prices so low, is that all of Jay Turser’s production takes place in China and other countries in the Far East where labor costs are less. These savings can thus be passed on to the end user.

As for their kid’s guitars, they have quite a range and just like any of their models, affordability is really the main goal. With this being the case, if you’re on a very limited budget or are simply looking for a low-cost starter guitar for your child, then Jay Turser is definitely a valid option.

Of course just because Jay Turser guitars can be purchased for so cheap, it doesn’t mean the play quality has to be sacrificed all that much. In fact, in terms of their kids guitars, they’re comparable to most other brands. They have some great designs too, for both their kids acoustic and electric guitars.

Overall, it’s clear that the main reason you’d go for a Jay Turser guitar for your child is the cost savings, and if you just want a starter guitar or are on a strict budget, then it just makes sense. At this point you may not even know how interested your child is in playing the guitar so are resistant to invest a significant amount of money into the hobby. Similarly, if your child is of an age where they’re still a little clumsy, that would be another reason to hold out on getting a more expensive model!

On this site you’ll find reviews of the various Jay Turser child guitars, as well as guitars from other manufacturers, so it’s worth taking the time to read some of them and see which ones appears to meet your needs. With so much choice, it is understandably difficult for someone in your position to decide between them all so hopefully we can help you come to a conclusion. If you think that a Jay Turser guitar is right for your child, then you’re probably right. There are certainly higher quality guitars for kids available but they also come with a higher price tag too!

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