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The PRS guitar is a fairly expensive brand but not, if you consider their quality and sound! You don't recognize the name, I didn't either, the PRS name is taken from the founder of the company, Paul Reed Smith. He founded the company, in 1985 and it is located in Maryland. Paul was a master Luthier! They are known as a high end electric guitar supplier thoughout the music industry. They have grown their production and are now making less expensive PRS Guitar models. Carl Santana and Carl Mayer were both fans of this PRS guitar, and that is quite an endorsement! The company started with eight employees and now employ more than 100 and produces over 800 guitars a month.

Most PRS guitar models are made of mahogany and feature a maple top. PRS takes pains to only use the best materials. They design their own hardware and thier guitars are available with different bridges. Their tuners are designed to hold tuning even when excessive string bending is used. Most guitars lose tune in this situation. They wind their own pickups and concentrate on humbucker although do an occasional model with single coils.

PRS features various Guitar lines. The PRS SE Guitar is affordable and made in Korea. The S2 series is made in the US and features their own pickups and other hardware. Others included the Dragon and Private Stock, which had limited production. Their guitars aren't suited to be a first guitar for a child because of their price, but if your child is a virtuoso or you can already see his future as a rock star, you just might want to examine their offerings!