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 Schoenhut Childrens Guitars for Kids

As far as the history behind each of the guitar manufacturers on this website goes, Schoenhut Guitar for Kids have got to be there at the top. Dating way back to 1872, it was a 17 year old German called Albert Schoenhut that got his start in the musical instrument industry. However it wasn’t guitars at first, but toy pianos. Albert was working as a repairman at Wanamaker’s department store where he would fix broken toy pianos. The glass bars inside the pianos would often be damaged during shipping, and it was his job to mend the broken glass. In 1872, Schoenhut came up with the idea of replacing the fragile glass bars with steel plates, and that is how toy pianos are now made to this day.

Schoenhut then went on to establish “A Schoenhut Company” where he produced his newly designed instrument, and by the 1950s it was one of the two top manufacturers that dominated the toy piano market.

It is only in more relatively recent years that Schoenhut started producing guitars, but it’s now a significant contender in the toy guitar market too, that is, guitars for children. They have a great range with some good designs, of which are certainly worth checking out.

The prices of Schoenhut kids guitars are very reasonable. In fact, considering the generally good level of build quality, they’re actually quite cheap in price! And that by no means results in a significant lack of sound quality. While perhaps not as good as some of the more expensive kids guitars by other manufacturers, you definitely get good value for money and the play quality is perfectly acceptable, especially as an introductory guitar.

As mentioned, there are some good designs of guitar by Schoenhut, for both boys and girls. You can opt for a realistic design or, if you’re buying for a real “girly-girl”, a pink one with a heart shaped centre. It all depends on who you’re buying for and what their personality is like, but it’s fair to say, there’s a style of Schoenhut guitar for every kid out there!

Overall, while Schoenhut doesn’t have the rich guitar history like some of the other brands featured on this website, it arguably has the oldest history within the musical instruments industry, and it’s always nice to know that a company has stood the test of time. In the case of Schoenhut, it’s for all the right reasons too: because they produce high quality instruments for an affordable price.

If you decide to go for a Schoenhut guitar for your child then you won’t be disappointed. More so, if you check out the reviews on this website for the various Schoenhut guitars you can see which models fair up the best, and use that information to help with your buying decision. With our help you can ensure you’ll identify the Schoenhut that you’ll be happy with, or more importantly, that your child will be happy with! Take a look at our Schoenhut kids guitar reviews today.



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