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Silvertone Childrens Guitars for Kids

Silvertone offers guitar packages with everthing included. Well made and great sounding guitars.

Silvertone Childrens Guitars for Kids

If you’re considering the purchase of a child’s guitar by Silvertone, then you may be interested to know a bit about the background of the company and where it originated from. It’s actually one of the oldest brands compared to other manufacturers featured on this site, with the name being utilized by Sears on their musical instruments and other sound equipment from the 1930s through to 1972.

The brand became popular for producing affordable yet well-made guitars and even many well known musicians got their start with one of Silvertone’s acoustic, electric or bass guitars. Stars such as Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, Dave Grohl and Jack White are all said to have learned the ropes on a Silvertone.

Many manufacturers such as National, Danelectro, Harmony and Kay have used the Silvertone name on their guitars at some point, many of which are now considered collectables today, especially those from the 1960s. Fortunately for you, the guitars made by Silvertone today can be had for a lot less!

In fact, the Silvertone guitars made today are very much affordable, much like they originally set out to be. They have a great range of guitars for kids, both acoustic and electric, with some great designs too. If you’re after a child size electric guitar, you’ll also find some great packages with an amplifier included. Obviously make sure you check out the reviews we have on this website for the various Silvertone kid’s guitars – they’ll ensure you make a much more informed decision!

As for play quality, the Silvertone children’s guitars are generally pretty good. They’re perhaps not as good as some of the higher end brands but then you’re arguably getting what you pay for. The best way to describe the play quality is: perfectly acceptable. It’s perfectly acceptable for a child just getting started, that’s for sure.

Overall, if you’re considering Silvertone as the brand of guitar for your child, or perhaps you’ve even seen a specific model that you think would be suitable, then you’ll likely be very pleased with your purchase. Silvertone have been making guitars long enough to know how to do it right, and they just so happen to know how to do it at a great price too! The main thing to take away from this article would be that you can certainly find better guitars out there. Some of the other brands arguably produce guitars to a higher standard, but then you do get what you pay for and as long as you know what to expect, you’ll be happy.

It’s also nice to know that Silvertone plays quite a significant part in the history of the guitar industry, and while your child may not appreciate that at this point, they may well grow up to be proud of the fact that their first guitar was none other than a Silvertone! So if you’ve found a Silvertone guitar that you think is suitable for your child, go for it. If not, then check out our reviews!

Child Playing a Silvertone Guitar for Kids