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Taylor Childrens Guitars for Kids

Taylor Guitar for Kids guitars started in the early 1970′s when the partnership of Kurt Listug,Steve Schemmer , and Bob Taylor began the Westland Music Company. Bob Taylor had a real gift as a luthier so as a tribute to his skills, the guitars were named Taylor. In 1974, Listug and Schemmer were working for Sam Radding, at the American Dream guitar shop in Lemon Grove California. Radding had decided to sell his shop, so Listug asked his father for a loan to finance the purchase of the shop for him and Schemmer. Listug’s father agreed to provide the financing, but realized that the two boys lacked real experience and added a condition that they would have to get the best guitar builder at American Dream to join them. Tailor, who had tremendous natural talent, joined them, the partership was born and the magic began.

The company began as Westland Music because Sam Radding wouldn’t grant the three young men the rights to the American Dream name, this was a major disapointment to the young men. Their first year in business they produced six guitars. Production was slow for the startup company, and soon they were in financial difficulty. Materials were expensive, and when they bought a batch of quality rosewood from Martin Guitars, it almost put them under. They survived and got their first break in 1976 when McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica agreed to carry their line of products. Taylor had originally began with their 800 line, this was a Rosewood dreadnought guitar which featured the company’s trademark mustache-shaped bridge They were expensive, and business improved when they put out the 700 line, a cheaper and more affordable version of the 800. This was followed by the 500′s and 600′s.

In 1978, Neil Young, found and purchased a 12 string, model 855 Taylor, in a guitar shop in Florida. He liked it so much that he purchased a second and used it in his film “Rust Never Sleeps.” Neil Young still plays his vintage Taylors. The use of the 855 in the film created the much needed brand recognition for Taylor and boosted sales. Bob Taylor, has a photograph of one artist in his office, and no surprise, it is of Neil Young. To this day, Taylor does not give free guitars to performers or pay them to play the brand, so if you see an artist playing one, it is because he actually likes the instrument.

Lustig is responsible for the business end, and Taylor manages design and production. They bought out Schemmer in 1983 and the two of them turned the small shop into a major guitar manufacturing company. The company currently has more than 300 employees and two manufacturing plants, one in El Cajon, California and the other in Tecate, Mexico.

Taylor produces more than 100 categories of guitars, the lower the number, the cheaper the guitar. The company features both acoustic and electric models and is competitive with both Gibson and Martin. Today the company is a major force in guitar manufacturing.

Taylor guitars for kids feature the Baby a 3/4 size and the Big Baby, a 15/16 scale dreadnaught, both acoustic guitars sound fantastic and they are a joy to play. Taylor also makes a variety of smaller sized practice guitars.