Top 9 Best Guitars for Kids of 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Guitars for Kids: There is a lot of work to be done, parents! This can also be a big challenge in itself to get your child interested in taking up the guitar, but then some additional challenges come – finding the right instrument and equipment, finding the right instructor, and keeping them motivated are just a few items you need to remember.

But when we say it is worth it, you can take our word! It is a beautiful experience to watch children learn musical skills, communicate their emotions through musical instruments, and just grow and mature in both musical and emotional terms.

And in the event that your kid showed interest in the could guitar, you’re in luck, ’cause those six-strings just happen to be out! In a nice little guide, we agreed to summarize our thoughts and tips on this matter, as well as sift the instrument market today in search of the best guitar for kids.

If your kid showed interest in the strong guitar, you’re in luck, because those six-strings are just our thing! In today’s article, we highlight our children’s favorite guitars. We have divided our results into two categories-acoustic and electrical-and for your convenience we have summed them up into concise rundowns and offered a short buyer’s guide.

Top 9 Best Guitars For Kids:

1 Yamaha FG JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag

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But due to the smaller dimensions, it’s a very popular travel guitar, the Yamaha JR1 FG is an equally good, inexpensive guitar in its own right.

It sports a reduced body of 3/4 size with the same simple but stylish aesthetics available in the rest of the FG Series. It’s an all-laminate guitar, with spruce and nato used for the body, as illustrated in the full JR1 FG analysis, while solid nato is used to design the 20-fret neck.

The compact size won’t appeal to every player, especially since the projection is quieter than a full-size dreadnought, but it’s a worthwhile consideration for those who want a smaller guitar on a budget.


  • Price
  • 3/4 size
  • Lightweight
  • Well-built
  • Starter kit included


  • Low-cost guitar

2 Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar Blue Burst

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Trying to turn to the budget-friendly area, we would like to introduce you to one of the market’s best cheap acoustic guitars – the Rogue Starter.

The first thing that stands out with this fella is the aesthetic side, as we have to confess that we seldom experience this cheap (about $50!) guitars and this nice look. Aside from this, beginner expectations make the sound perfectly appropriate, and so is playability.

It’s far from Martin’s quality but thanks to a distinctive mid-range punch and a set of bright and clear treble frequencies, it still works very well for the budget.


  • Very affordable
  • Good sound and playability for the lowest price
  • Many different finish options
  • Pinless bridge for easy restringing
  • Versatile uses: travel instrument, student acoustic, project guitar


  • No clear information on body woods used
  • Some are shipped with defects or faults
  • Plastic tuning hardware may not stay in tune

3 YEZI Kids Toy Classical Ukulele Guitar Musical Instrument

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Yezi’s Children’s model ukulele is a perfect learning resource for children as young as three. It’s made of ABS plastic with four strings of carbon nylon. Lightweight and strong, specifically built to be playable easily. A painted surface also helps to avoid pinching of unintended fingers.

Pick-up and play is simple for the little ones. Though more of a toy than many of the other ukuleles on our list, children can still learn simple notes and rhythmic patterns. It has a slightly tweaked, natural feel for small hands.


  • ABS plastic can withstand bumps and knocks
  • Compact design is perfect for little hands
  • Simplified four-string design
  • Great ukelele for kids


  • Sound Quality is relatively poor

4 Soprano Honsing Kids Guitar

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This Hawaiian-style ukulele from Housing is decorated by a vibrant floral petal pattern. It is 21 inches long with a matte finish and a black-and-white, pearl base. It’s easy to play with 12 frets and nylon strings and it’s sturdy.

The all-natural maple is lightweight, but of good endurance. Guitar-style gears for rapid, precise tuning. It is a real instrument of music built with children in mind.


  • Features a stylish design with a floral pattern
  • Twelve frets and nylon strings are easy to play
  • Durable maple wood is damage resistant


  • 12 frets can be complicated

5 Hohner 6 String Acoustic Guitar

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The Hohner HAG250P, for the price of a few pizzas, is a nylon-stringed guitar of 1/2 size that proves it’s much more than a toy. It sports a traditional body shape and design, made on top, back, and sides with laminated agathis.

Mahogany is used for the back, and the fretboard and bridge are made of hardwood. It feels lightweight but sturdy for such a cheap instrument and is a good partner for first-time learning the guitar for children aged around 5 to 8.


  • 30” in length
  • Nylon strings
  • Perfect size for children’s hands


  • Pricey

6 Cordoba Mini Guitar for Kids

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Our iconic Mini travel guitar, but slightly larger and with an expanded scale of 580 mm (22 7/8), “perfectly matches Standard E. Given its compact profile, the Mini II has a broader body range, producing a well-rounded tone similar to a full-size nylon string guitar. Built with a solid spruce top and stripped back and sides with ebony, the Mini II EB-CE resonates with a simple, established tone. Another stand-out feature is its cutaway for easily reaching the top frets, and a Córdoba pickup with onboard tuner to amplify on the go.


  • Great quality guitar
  • Recommended for kids
  • Great finish, no rough fret edges
  • Great travel companion


  • Stays in perfect intonation even for days

7 Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar

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If you’re looking for a young metalhead and a shredder for the future, go to Ibanez! The model GRGM21BKN comes in elegant black with a low tension maple neck of 22-inch scale.

Like any Ibanez player, this fella boasts an extremely slim and playable piece of the neck that is great to shred away. The guitar comes with two pickup humbucker, allowing for a lot of benefits and a solid metal snap.

The smaller size makes the guitar easier for younger players, and the company made it very clear who this fella was made for. Go with GRGM21BKN if you want the perfect Metal guitar for kids


  • Frets edges are smooth
  • Fit and finish are superb
  • All control knobs are easily adjustable and responsive
  • The guitar plays nice, stays well in tune


  • Average humbuckers
  • Needs a few adjustments

8 Yamaha JR2 Junior-Size 33-Inch Acoustic Guitar

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Staying with the mighty Yamaha also, here’s a JR range junior-size guitar. This is a 33 inch guitar with 211⁄4 “scale weight. It is handsomely made in Indonesia ‘s traditional Yamaha style. It has a back and sides of Mahogany, and a top of Spruce. They are well known for making fantastic sounds, together as tonewoods.

It does not have any of its larger cousins’ body size but it still produces a great sound. The body configuration is completed with the famous Yamaha scratchplate and a gentle soundhole decoration. There is a black binding around both body and neck edges.


  • Impressive materials and high build quality.
  • Great sounds for an entry-level instrument


  • It might be expensive for some.

9 Arcadia DL36NA Parlor Size 36″ Acoustic Guitar

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The Arcadia DL36NA is very much an entry-level guitar with a budget set. It is best suited for young players around eight years of age and older, but of course, that depends on the size. Parlor guitars are fascinating because they are themselves a complete genre. We ‘re not sure it’s exactly that, but it conforms size-wise.

The back and sides are made of linden wood, and the top is made of Spruce. Tonewoods are very good though, and it’s got a neck of Lauan. Lauan is the most commonly used tropical hardwood in plywood.

The design is basic but very regular and pleasing to the eye, and the ivory ABS binding is improved. The soundhole is surrounded by an intricate design, which is also very stylish, and a relatively typical scratchplate. The bridge is made from Rosewood, and the rubber is the nut and the saddle.


  • Decent build quality and materials.
  • Affordable price.


  • Black tuners rather ruin it for us.

Features to Consider in Good Guitars for Kids

First, parents should know the best guitar doesn’t exist for every kid. Because they all have a guitar in need of their own. Here is a list of the criteria you should be concerned about when choosing a guitar that suits your child best:

Design: Of course you have to pay attention to forms, sizes, materials, and overall design. Why? For what? Since each kid has different physical features, this feature will then determine whether or not your kid can play guitar comfortably in a long time. Additionally, the materials are also something of special importance. You should be conscious that temperature and humidity can have a direct effect on guitar longevity.

Sound: Sound quality is the main factorial when selecting any instruments. There are some sound features that we should bear in mind, such as warmth, clarity, vibrancy, stable, … If handing the guitar comfortably is the priority then feeling sound comfort is the next priority.

Purpose: The variation in design and sound contributes to guitars being used for different purposes. Remember the intent of your kid when he/she wants to own a guitar. Below is a brief comparison to show you which guitar is best suited for that purpose.

Price: A decision on your final option is also one thing. We all know when you decide to buy a guitar there is a lot of price range. Take a look at the price after carefully assessing the correct level of design, sound, and intent to make sure you get a good deal.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you know that you can buy plenty of guitars for your kids, you can determine which one you feel is the best option for your precious one.

You need to look at your preferences and needs before going into the guitar specifications themselves.

That said, to find the best one out of the lot you need to check every single factor of the gear too.

Your little one needs exploration. Get the best guitar among the ones we’ve mentioned for kids and let their talent soar high like the wind.

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