Childrens Guitars for Kids

Accessories for Childrens Kids Guitar

Don't forget about the little extras that you will need for your childs kid guitar! You will need them!

Accessories for the Childrens Kids Guitar

Besides one of the Child Guitars or Guitars for Kids,You Need an Electronic Tuner,a Strap, and a Pick to accompany your Child Guitar!

Tuning the Child Guitar - Get an Electronic Tuner when you buy one of the many Kids Guitar or Toy Guitars!

Nothing creates more frustration for both the child and parent then guitar tuning. A few blessed individuals have perfect pitch, but most of us don't. Keeping the Child Guitar Strings in tune is essential to obtaining a cohesive sound.

Many parents will purchase a guitar package for their child's first guitar. The cheaper guitar for kids sets come with a pitch pipe rather then an electronic tuner. A pitch pipe can be compared to six whistles. When you blow into one of them, the sound is the pitch that the guitar string should be tuned to. Great concept, but I could never relate the sound of a whistle to a plucked guitar string. An electronic tuner is a small item which makes Child Guitar Tuning a snap! Pluck a string, the tuner displays the closest note and whether the sound is high or low in reference to the displayed note. Adjust the string tension till the note is correct for the string, repeat for every string and the guitar is in tune.

One tip when tuning, if the pitch of the string is too high, release tension until the pitch is lower then it should be, then increase tension until you are at the right pitch. A Child Guitar string should not be tuned by releasing pressure. Doing so will cause the pitch to drift over time due to the string slipping at the tuning peg. If your child is actually trying to make real music with child guitar you are better off with an more expensive Guitar for Kids rather then one of many inexpensive Toy guitars. A more expensive guitar will hold tune better.

Make sure your older child uses a Pick and Strap from the Beginning! Don't let your young child use a Strap!

A Guitar can be played in many ways. A child should start using a pick and strap from the beginning. If a child never adjusts to playing while standing and always sits during practice, if he or she continues playing, it is quite possible that your child may join a band later. Guitarists in bands stand, they don't sit. The child should practice sitting and standing, but should always wear a strap. One exception is a small child. I would not put anything around a small child's neck. It is just too easy for a dangerous accident to occur.

Many of us start playing guitar using our hands to strum. Later on we will try using a pick and it will be extremely difficult to transition. Start learning right off using a pick!

I would recommend a thin pick for a child. It is easier to control in the beginning. In fact, here is a little trick which may help. Products from stores are often wrapped in a very strong plastic. You know, the type you need a chainsaw to open! Take a pair of scissors and cut the child's pick from this material. Make a lot of them because they are clear plastic and are hard to find when dropped. They work great for the beginning guitarist!

everthing is tuned, strings are good now its time to play that childrens guitars for kids