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Seagull Guitar

The Seagull Guitar is an innovative Acoustic Guitar that is known for it's groundbreaking design and great tone!

Seagull Guitar

The Seagull Guitar company has manufacturing guitars for more then 35 years. Seagull is a Canadian company whic is located in the Townshiop of Quebec. The company makes Acoustic Guitars exclusively! Seagull was started by Robert Godin and currently it is a brand of Godin Guitars.

The Seagull Guitar is made by hand and features several unique features, the tuning pegs are in line with the nut on fretboard, which they claim maintains tune, and they also use solid wood for their guitar body tops instead of the laminated wood that other manufacturers use. They also produce their own electronics for their acoustic electric models. Their goal is to design a guitar that improves sound and structural integrity.  The proven theory is that delicate construction results in finer sound.  Sounds easy, but think of the force that six strings exert on the structure and it is obvious that utilizing this theory is anything but simple! Seagull is proving their design ideas as some fantastic guitarists play a Seagull Guitar!

I didn't see any of the Seagull Guitar models in the 5/8 or 1/2 size, so if you decide to get a Kids Guitar, make sure that your child is old enough to handle a full size guitar. The Seagull Guitar is also pricey so before you purchase one make sure your child has the interest to continue his musical education!